Crapaud calamite (F); Rugstreeppad (NL); Strandpadda (S); Strandtudse (DK); Ropucha krátkonohá (CZ)

From Western Europe through Central Europe until Southern Scandinavia, Estonia, Poland, England, and Southwestern Ireland. Only north of the Alps, here up to 1700 m.

about 4-7 cm;
about 5-8 cm

Pupil: , horizontal elliptic, iris greenish;

Metamorphosed Animal:

Long, nearly unbroken, yellow, dorsal stripe. Walks briskly like a mouse.
The only anuran leaping hardly ever.

Tubercles on underside of hind toes paired.

Sexual difference:
throat lilac in,

throat white in
(Picture, right)

Can repeatedly take place during April to July/August.

Loud, can be heard over quite a distance, sounding like a metallic croak "err….err….err".

Natterjack toad Epidalea(Bufo) calamita
Natterjack toad

Adult Natterjack toad
XXL slide




Prefers shallow, warm, rather bare, also lightly brackish, rather newly created spawning waters, as these are free of fish and poor in enemies, e.g. in floodplains and gravel pits; also holes, cart tracks and other temporary waters.