Larvae of Agile frog Rana dalmatina

  • no external gills (tadpole)
  • eyes not prominent
  • Underside not black to grey, or golden unspotted
  • tail fin without reticulated structure
  • back without transparent edge
  • upper crest extends up to about the middle of the trunk and big black spots
  • Total length:
    up to about 56 mm
  • Agile frog tadpoles grow about one third larger than those of Common and Moor frog do.
  • Colour and pattern of the back look like Common and Moor frog tadpoles, but the upper crest extends much further onto the head, approximately onto the middle of the body.
  • The tail is obvious coarsely dark spotted. Belly often dotted silvery grey.

Grenouille agile (F); Springkikker (NL); Långbensgroda (S); Springfrø (DK); Skokan štíhlý (CZ)

Agile frog larvae
(D = dorsal, back; V = ventral, underside)


[Adult frog]